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Ebsco is proud to be the go-to custom spring manufacturer for a wide array of industries.

From agricultural equipment parts digging in the earth to aircraft components in the sky, Ebsco Spring is one of the most trusted spring manufacturers. Crafting custom mechanical springs for every field, spanning from oil drilling equipment and the energy industry to fluid power, defense systems, as well as the demanding medical equipment industry, manufacturers turn to Ebsco Spring for perfection. Whether manufacturing custom springs for robotics engineering, electronic components, sports and exercise equipment or aftermarket performance auto parts, the spring manufacturer in Tulsa, OK is pleased to be able meet the need of most every component manufacturer.

Ebsco's continued goal of providing the best customer service is unmatched in the industry. Customer service is a key component in the entire manufacturing process. Our knowledgeable staff is uniquely matched to every customer in order to provide exceptional support from quote generation until your shipment is received. Each customer is assigned a single point of contact to meet their needs. Our entire staff is always available to provide additional support.

Ebsco also offers a wide variety of Vendor Managed Inventory programs. These programs range from a simple blanket purchase order to the use of consigned inventory. These programs enable our customers to dramatically reduce inventory while insuring parts are available when they are needed.

Custom Torsion Springs

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Call Toll Free 800.331.6021 or Fax 918.628.0382

Custom Torsion Springs

Torsion springs store rotational energy or apply torque within an application. Typically, these are either single, or double-bodied helical springs, which are mounted, or wound around a leg, fixture or shaft.

Torsion springs need to be supported by at least three points in order to avoid bending, which applies undue stress especially when the spring is loaded in a manner that increases the body diameter. In order to stabilize the ends, torsion springs are commonly heat-treated.

At Ebsco Spring, we produce a wide variety of torsion springs for our customers. Each spring is custom made based on the needs of a specific customer with a specific application in mind. This way, every custom torsion spring is ideal for the job it’s needed for, rather than trying to make a generic spring fit. Our spring designers work with you to diagnose your needs, then save you money by efficiently creating a spring to fit your application. 

Whatever your need for a torsion spring is, Ebsco Spring is able to make a custom spring perfect for the job. 

Call our toll free number at the top of this page, or use the form to the left to request a quote. 

Lean and Green

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EBSCO Awarded the Sustainability Award from the Dream It Do It Foundation

Dream It Do It Sustainability AwardDream It Do It Award

Ebsco was awarded the Sustainability Award for our Environmental Program! Our President Cheryl Dooley and Vice President Todd Pfeifer accepted the award and are very proud of the hard work they have put into the initiative. It was an honor to be recognized by Dream It Do It Oklahoma. We are also very proud of all of our employees for helping to keep EBSCO "Green".


EBSCO has launched the LEAN GREEN EBSCO Spring Initiative

EBSCO's Green Initiative is both environmentally and fiscally responsible. The Green Team established a goal to be self funded, investing returns from our efforts into new green projects. The goal of LEAN is to reduce waste. The goal of GREEN is to recycle what waste exists into cash to drive additional green efforts.

EBSCO's Environmental Policy

EBSCO recognizes and accepts its responsibility to be a good steward of the environment and to help achieve a state of sustainable development. In support of these responsibilities Ebsco has established the following commitments:

  • Compliance to all applicable state, federal and local legal requirements with a goal of beyond compliance wherever practical and possible.
  • Conformance with the EPA Energy Star and Design for the Environment programs.
  • Prevention of pollution in all its forms.
  • Conservation of natural resources, including energy, through source reduction, reuse and recycling wherever practical.
  • Continual environmental performance improvement through the involvement of all Ebsco employees and partnership with the local community.


Recycle Olympics!

To raise awareness among the EBSCO Spring Employees, our "Green Team" created an event called the Recycle Olympics. The object of the recycle olympics was to get the employees in the habit of recycling. Every Monday for the month of September, employees brought their recycled goods and one of our employees weighed and kept track of the amount. We had a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner, and then a department was also crowned victor. We had a great time and I believe people will get into recycling from now on.

Other "Green" Accomplishments Include:

  • Instead of using paper bags, we switched to Re-Useable Totes to exchange springs within the shop.
  • Recycle bins have been put up in every department and intermittently throughout the shop.
  • Our Green Team purchased re-useable for coffee mugs and drink cups to reduce or cut out the use of styrofoam, drastically cutting down on the amount of waste.
  • We recently joined the program "Up With Tress" in which trees were planted with our donation and a sign dedicated to EBSCO Employees and Future Employees was placed on HWY. 169 and 51st St.
  • EBSCO recycles batteries, and purchased a battery charger that has the capabilities to charge all batteries, not just rechargeable ones.

OUR GOAL: Pursuing ISO 14001-Environmental Management Certification

EBSCO Environmental Policy is compliant with ISO 14001. EBSCO Spring seeks to reach sustainability, utilizing only the resources needed while providing adequate resources for future generations. It is important that we deal with our waste responsibly, and becoming ISO Certified will help us to show the world that we take environmental management very seriously.

Here are some of the Benefits of Using ISO 14001:2004

  • Reduced Cost of Waste Management
  • Savings in Consumption of Energy and Materials
  • Lower Distribution Costs
  • Improved Corporate Image among regulators, customers and the public.


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With over 100 years’ experience in spring manufacturing, Ebsco's management team is committed to quality and service first. From small custom jobs to high-tolerance, precision springs, Ebsco has the diversity and the capability to produce or help design the product you need, when you need it. You will not find another spring company or spring manufacturer who will match our dedication and thoroughness.

Our success at Ebsco is predicated by our unmatched customer service and our ability to produce the highest quality products with zero defects. Our continued goal is to enable our customers to achieve outstanding success in their respective field by providing them with superior products. We are extremely proud of the quality of our custom compression springs, custom conical springs, and custom extension springs. We will continue to exceed the expectations of our customers through competitive savings, vendor managed inventory, and a highly experienced workforce dedicated to your success.

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